10 Best Beer Cities of the World

At WheelAle we are always prepared to travel far and wide (by bike!) in search of the perfect pint. Here are the ten cities we consider to be the beer capitals of the world...

Prague, Czech Republic

Czechs are one of the largest consumers of beer in the world, putting away more than 41 gallons per person per year. Perhaps this is because Prague is one of the cheapest places in Europe to buy a pint!

Microbreweries kicked off the Czech brewing industry over 1000 years ago. Even today many pubs and restaurants in Prague carry on this tradition by brewing their own beer on site.

Average price for a pint: 23 CZK (about £1.40)

Munich, Germany

More than 125 million gallons of beer are drunk every year in Munich, home of Oktoberfest. Munich boasts large sunny beer gardens during the summer and huge beerhalls for the rest of the year, with plenty of pubs scattered across the city.

Sample some traditional German beer from one of the city’s six main breweries: Löwenbräu, Hofbräuhaus, Augustinerbräu, Paulaner, Hacker-Pschorr and Spaten. If you are looking for some craft beer, you can also try one of Munich’s smaller pubs and breweries.

Average price for a pint: €3.80

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh has the highest concentration of pubs in Europe. Home to the Caledonian and Stewart breweries, as well as the flagship offices of Heineken and Innis & Gunn, pubs are a huge part of Scottish culture. It’s no surprise that Edinburgh residents love their beer, and there are a huge range of watering holes across the city.

Average price for a pint: £3.50


Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo isn’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but its beer culture is thriving: you can even buy cans of beer from vending machines!

There is a relatively new and vibrant Japanese craft beer scene (ji-biiru). Laws allowing for the establishment of microbreweries didn’t come into effect until the 1990s, but in that time the Japan’s craft beer scene has exploded.

Average price for a beer: ¥1,200 (£7.50) in a bar, or ¥250 (£1.60) from a vending machine

Dublin, Ireland

Famous for producing Guinness, it’s safe to say that drinking beer is a way of life in Dublin. Despite the high prices, the local pubs and traditional alehouses will always be full with locals and tourists alike, sampling the city’s finest.

Average pint of lager: €5

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is the centre of Belgium’s huge beer industry. Alcohol content is high and the varieties are plentiful. You can also experience 225 beers at the annual Belgium Beer Weekend each September.

Average price for a beer: €3.50

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam is synonymous with Heineken. The home of globally-recognised beers like Amstel, Heineken, and Grolsh, Amsterdam serves up a huge variety of beer of styles and flavours from internationally renowned names and local craft breweries. You’ll find plenty of pubs, bars and breweries in Amsterdam.

Average price for a pint: €3

Vienna, Austria

The best beers in Austria come from the ample microbreweries. Be sure to sample a local brand of beer such as Gösser, Zipfer, Schwechate, Wieselburger and Puntigamer.

Average price for a pint: €4

Hanoi, Vietnam

Home to the cheapest beer in the world, Bia Hoi Hanoi has some of the best varieties of beer in Asia. The most popular brands are San Miguel, Tiger 333, Bia Saigon, and Bière Larue.

Bia Hoi, also known as ‘fresh beer’, is the cheapest beer in the world, containing roughly 4% alcohol. It is considered to be the freshest beer because it is made without any preservatives and must be drunk within 24 hours of production, which is why it’s only found in Hanoi.

Average price for a glass of Bia Hoi: 2,500 Vietnamese dong (about 13¢)

Mexico City, Mexico

The best-known and best-selling Mexican beer outside of Mexico is by far Corona. Mexican beer is distinctive for its lager-like properties, being generally light-bodied with a mild taste and is meant to be consumed cold. Beer is commonly drunk with lime juice in Mexico.

Average price for a pint: $2


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